What to consider with an Open bar or BYO

Choosing whether or not to have an open bar at your event always brings up a couple of questions, but we’ve narrowed them down to make the decision much easier for you.



The first thing to consider is your budget. We all have seen (Or are Bff’s) with those high spenders who can happily provide a 50k table at your favourite club Before ordering the extra sparkle infused bottles of Moët.


However, maybe you don’t have an unlimited budget. How do you get around this?


Well, we all have certain places we know where we can buy alcohol from for a cheaper price, you could send a driver or do the drive yourself (Make sure to have a license).




You politely say you aren’t much of a drinker so please feel free to bring your own bottle. This doesn’t offend people as much as you may think it could (Plus they probably would bring one themselves as a gesture anyway).


Guest list

Another important aspect to consider is very important - Who’s actually coming? Will it offend certain people who may be coming to your party if you even have alcohol? - or are the attendees very enthusiastic on the idea?


Being able to determine how much will actually be consumed may help you with the decision to lash out and fill an entire rental bar.


Rent a Bartender

Okay, so you’ve worked out your budget, you’ve checked your guest list. What’s next?


Renting a bartender will give you a few extra points on the hospitality scale to the guests coming to your event - and they’re not that expensive.


Maybe you want to show off and add a little spice to your event? Adding a Flare bartender may be the spark that make your event more memorable than the other parties.


Check out our suppliers and compare so that you can make up your mind for yourself!



Good luck and have a kick a** party!


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