Importance of Promotional Material


You promotional material is by all accounts your first impression to all the clients searching on Event Central - and first impressions are hard to change. The better your promo, the more gigs you will get - period!



Display photo

You already know from Facebook that your profile photo is important. This is your chance to upload your best Selfie (Or professional photo preferably) to lure your future clients into your page.


If you don't think your photo's are up to standard, we have partnerships with local professional Photographers / Videographers that will come and take 5 perfect photos for a very low price of 500 AED.

You can organise it here (hyperlink)


Video quality

Video quality is just as important, if not more so than your photos. Videos show the client a real time preview of what's to come. People want to see what they're getting before they get it. We recommend not uploading Smart phone Videos, this will cheapen your brand to the Clients and affect how they view you.


We have negotiated some highly discounted rates for you to get you great quality Promo videos for yourself or your business. Click Here to Arrange it.


Sound quality

Let's talk Audio. Even if your video is recorded in 4k, has professional lighting and you're wearing your best outfit, if the sound doesn't compliment how good you look - you won't get booked!


People know within 2 seconds if they like you or not, it's a hard fact so don't give them any room for error. This is your chosen profession - make it simple and stand out from the crowd!


Our Mission

At EventsCentral we’re dedicated on providing one central location for mobile Vendors to showcase their experience and gain exposure. As well, we provide this directory for visitors to effortlessly locate, review & hire Vendors that meet the needs of their event.