Importance of Professionalism 

Let's say a client has viewed your page, their impressed with your work, they want to book you so they send you a detailed quote request about your services. You take two days to respond and the email is riddled with grammatical errors etc. - The client will most likely going to go with a person who responded within a few hours and structured their emails so that it's easy to understand and all the information is there. 

 Writing and Punctuation


Being precise with your words and using correct grammar can be the difference of you landing an event or not. 


It may sound obvious however you could be surprised by the emails that we have received about "unprofessional" vendors. What you may see as a laid back approach, may seem inappropriate to a clients eyes! Responding quickly and being reliable


Being responsive and easily able to reach will change your life, not only for getting work on Event Central. Even an email saying "Well received, looking forward to the event" will show you as 'easy to deal with' and 'reliable'  Sending follow up messages leading up to the event generally Event Planners have anywhere between 7-15 (Or more) suppliers that they deal with for an event. Send them a message a week before and a day before just to let them know you're coming. Take the stress off them - It's only a message!


Showing up Early 


Have you ever heard the saying "10 minutes early is on time. On time is late. 10 minutes late and you're fired!"? Well, it's true. 


There's nothing worse as an Event Planner than late Vendors. These guys and girls have been up since 5am to coordinate an entire event with their phones going crazy every 3 minutes. Save them one last stress and be there before you have to - they'll be more likely to book you again and also refer you to other Event planners. 



If you can master these simple points, you'll see your professional life begin to change instantly. 

Our Mission

At EventsCentral we’re dedicated on providing one central location for mobile Vendors to showcase their experience and gain exposure. As well, we provide this directory for visitors to effortlessly locate, review & hire Vendors that meet the needs of their event.