How to use Event Central 

Thank you! 


On behalf of everyone here at Event Central, Thank you for becoming part of our community - We are excited to have you on board with us! 


Our team are actively Marketing You every day through better SEO services, Advertising, Online Marketing, going to the markets to buy groceries and Cold calling. We want you to be able to put as many clients on your page as possible to get you work. 


Sometimes it will take time to get your first event, but bare with us, it's a snowball effect - 1 leads to 2, 2 leads to 5 and so on! Plus, after one event in a year, you will have actually saved money! 

For your best chance of finding the most Event leads, we recommend you upgrade to Featured, you'll get listed and displayed in more places on the website as well as a cool Featured Banner on your photo (It's like eye candy to the client). 

Let's take you through our profile set up: 


Profile Photo / Gallery


We strongly suggest you chose your photos and content wisely. No need to upload you whole Facebook Timeline but just simply select the best! People's first impressions are hard to change.  Feel free to upload multiple photos, people are more likely to view many photos than they are to watch all of you're videos. 10-20 good quality photos are recommended.


You don't have High Quality photos yet? It's ok, let us help you with that. 


We have set up discounts for you with local professional photographers who are will to give you 5 high quality photos and 1 video for cheap, we mean super cheap - like 500 AED cheap (we don receive any commissions, we just want to help!). Send us a message here (create hyperlink) and we can connect you so that you can organise your availability and get that perfect high quality 4K DSLR selfie.  Videos 

Videos are very important, they're a real time display of who and what you are. We don't suggest you post your entire life story, but it's important to upload your best High Quality videos (3-5) will be ideal.  We've also negotiated on this one too! If you're in need of Video, we've got a great price of 500 AED for a video professional video (Try get the anywhere else!)


Categories  The more categories you're listed in, the more chance you have of being found on Event Central (just don't list yourself as an Elvis impersonator if you're a Fire Dancer - unless of course you're just that talented!) 


Available for 

Tell people what events you're available for:


Some of our vendors want to specialise in only certain event styles. For example, a heavy metal band probably won't want to do a 3 year olds birthday party. 


It's important to remember that clients will often change their mind and want you to be something that you're not - having it clearly stated will help you show that you're serious about what you do. 



Manage availability  We don't expect that you put in all your Event Dates, however is would make it easier for the client to see in advance if you're available.  Location

If you're a freelancer than feel free to leave this one blank or disable it. However, some companies / venues will need to put this in as it can be their main point of sale depending on where the client is looking to have their event. 

Our Mission

At EventsCentral we’re dedicated on providing one central location for mobile Vendors to showcase their experience and gain exposure. As well, we provide this directory for visitors to effortlessly locate, review & hire Vendors that meet the needs of their event.