Dealing with tricky clients 

Not every event is going to be as simple as “What’s your price?” “X” “Great you’re hired!” - although that would be ideal. But you need to learn how to deal with the client, after all, it is all about them.  Here are a few tips to help nail that client - not literally!


Understand their requirements

This seems simple, but we sometimes get caught up with our own lives that we forget that it's not all about us. Make sure to listen to exactly what the client need, then tell them how YOU can help THEM. You need to add value to their special day otherwise they won't see any reason to pay extra money for you to be there. 


Price negotiation
There are generally multiple ways to negotiate on price. The first is probably what you already do - Start higher than your minimum, then go down to what you expected to get anyway - just be careful not to start to high and scare the client away. Some people won't wont to lose face and seem cheap - therefore they'll just pay for somebody else.  Another way is how we do it at Event Central - We like to keep our prices static to gain both respect and reputation. If you charge a lower price to a clients mutual friend, you can expect that price to start getting shared around which will make it more difficult to negotiate back up to your normal rate. Keep it consistent. 


Be reliable

Picky clients already don’t have enough time and their event isn’t always desperate to have you there (Unless you’re Justin Beiber or Ed Sheeran), therefore make sure to respond quickly and be professional.

These are a few simple tips to deal with trick clients. Just put yourself in their shoes, what would annoy you if you were planning an event and who would you be most likely to book? The guy who takes a day to reply or 30 minutes? Over deliver

Why would somebody book you over someone that does the same service for a lower rate? Clients aren't experts in your field, they see a service and a rate where you see all the intricate details.  Find a way to tell the client that you provide more than you competitors and how you will make their event more special when the other companies will only do their job and get out. Show them that you actually care about their event, if you don't then why would they care to book you?  It'll become second nature after a few enquiries to show clients that you're worth their time and money, just make sure to focus on them and not yourself. Find their issue, then SOLVE IT!

Our Mission

At EventsCentral we’re dedicated on providing one central location for mobile Vendors to showcase their experience and gain exposure. As well, we provide this directory for visitors to effortlessly locate, review & hire Vendors that meet the needs of their event.