How to chose your perfect wedding venue

The Perfect Day in the Best Wedding Venue

Getting married is one of the most exciting times in life. It brings a lot of joy to people, but it also brings a lot of stress. The list of things people must do before they can say that all the event planning is behind them is enormous. One of these things is selecting a wedding venue. This decision will be one of the biggest after finding a dress because of the sheer enormity of the decision. It will also take out a large chunk of your budget, so plan for this early. There are a couple of things you should consider when searching for your favourite place.

Finalise the Guest List

First of all, you should conclude some people you have invited to the celebration. That number will give you the first clue when looking for a perfect spot. Nothing too big and nothing too small. With the guest list come some additional questions.

Is your day gong to be an indoor or an outdoor event? Your guests will need shelter in case of the weather going bad or if it is too hot. If you are serving food – it needs to be adequately protected from the elements as well.

How will your guests travel to the place and is it going to be a long journey? It also will raise the question of accessibility. All of these little things should be taken into consideration to make you happy and your guests satisfied. It is better to choose an indoor place with space outside, so the guests can step out if necessary but otherwise nothing can spoil the perfect day.

Allocate the Budget as Soon as Possible

The second big thing when choosing the wedding venue is the budget. You should talk to your other half and figure out what is the maximum amount of money you can afford to allocate to the whole thing. How much will be left over?

You need to decide if you want alcohol served and allowed at the place of your choice. Some places have strict alcohol policies. You should also talk about an option of an open bar. It will raise the price of the site significant, but it means your guests will not have to spend their own money while they are having fun. If you cannot afford it, an alternative is to provide guests with some starter drinks but inform them about the paid bar on top of those.

Make sure you leave a little bit of wiggle room within this plan since you never know what can happen at the last minute.

Book Early to Avoid Disappointment

If the place you pick is trendy, make sure you book early. Your marriage date should already be set, but if not – do it. That will allow you to book a wedding venue promptly. If you are careful with time management – you will save the disappointment in case something goes wrong. Last minute bookings are almost always impossible due to the amount of work that goes into planning and setting everything up.

One of the best options is hiring an all-inclusive hotel or a ballroom in your local village. If you are getting married in a church – it will be close, and the guests can access it quickly. Hotels also offer packages and deals with big gatherings, so look into it.

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