From The Psychedelic To The Serene: Here Are The Wedding And Event Trends That You’ll See In 2018.

From The Psychedelic To The Serene:  Here Are The Wedding And Event Trends That You’ll See In 2018.


The hype for weddings may be a touch quieter at this time of the year, but soon the season will be in full swing.  And whether you are organizing a wedding, or you are simply a guest, here are some of the themes that you can expect to see in 2018.


Color Talk


When it comes to event, and wedding trends for 2018, the themes are vibrant and varied.   All trends can easily incorporate Pantone's Colors Of The Year for 2017, and 2018 exceptionally well.


So, by embracing one of the trends below for your event, and using Pantone's Color Of The Year,  not only will you be having fun, but you’ll be ticking off a few more trends than you first realized at your 2018 event.


Green is the color that you need for your event, which isn’t surprising because for 2017 Pantone announced their Color Of The Year to be Greenery (15-0343).  This beautiful green hue has now trickled  its way into wedding and event decor.


But if you really want to take hold of this trend with both hands and lead the way as  one of the first to rock Pantones 2018 color of the year too, then you’ll probably want to combine ‘Greenery’  with Ultra Violet (18-3838) the color that your guests will come to recognize, as a major (and favourite) color for 2018.  


So now you’ve got the color scheme sorted, here are some of the themes that you can incorporate to lead the way and create wonderful memories at your wedding, or event.


Floraly Bold  


In 2018 floral displays are everything, and the bigger they are, the better.

Think trumpet vases, tall opulent displays, everything that is not nailed down laden with flowers and big green leafy greenery that overwhelms the setting.  The less is more rule doesn’t apply with your floral displays.  Flamboyancy is in.  In a big, over the top, and prolific way.


It’s time to go crazy with the flowers.


Cacti Calm


If flamboyancy is not your thing, and you still want to embrace 2018’s trends, then it makes sense to head to the desert.  Where the cacti trend is kicking up a storm, especially when it comes to wedding and event decor.  

Go for a clean, warm look, with cactus displays forming the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.  


Your guests will be breezing along with that cool, calm and collected vibe that you can only get from the desert.


But remember we said ‘cactus’, no succulents should be in sight.


Vegan Vibes


A vegan, or partially vegan menu is bang on trend, and expected to be in high demand in 2018.  

Take it to another level and incorporate your take on the vegan vibe, by creating a woodsy, fresh, atmosphere.  


Hyping Up The Hygge


Hygge is a Danish meaning the act of creating a sanctuary, it’s the art of creating a fuzzy warm, and cozy feeling that borders on clean and simply rusticity.  

Hygge has been huge in interiors, and is now finding its way to weddings and events.


Take your event on a mystery twist, and incorporate Hygge with the ‘Florally Bold’ theme (keep the flowers prolific, but simple in terms of colours, and shapes) and you’ll enhance the hype.  


You could even add a whole forest for extra memorability!


Psycho Tropical Vibes


Another trend that would pair perfectly with the ‘Floraly Bold’ trend is Psycho Tropical Vibes.  

Think psychedelic, tropical flowers and all of the crazy and rich colours that will accompany that and you’ve got it nailed.  


It’s tropical vibes with a 60’s flair and it’s coming to an event near you soon.


NOTE:  Images are screenshots from (to show you the colors).


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