Top Places You Can Shoot Photos In The UAE

Top Places You Can Shoot Photos In The UAE


In fine weather, there is nothing that goes beyond a location shoot. It doesn’t matter whether seeking a street photography or in need of a fascinating backdrop for your portrait or landscape. Following are top places that you can take photos when having a visit in the UAE.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (Abu Dhabi)

The gargantuan mosque brims with great chances to capture eye-catching architecture and their beautiful details in addition to wide variety of culture. Since it also holds the yearly photography contest, the mosque is photo-friendly. You can visit this mosque located in Abu Dhabi every day apart from Friday morning when the facility is engaged with worshippers.


Kushti Wrestling (Deira)

This facility provides a special photo opportunity, and you can shoot your photos every Friday later afternoon before the Maghrib prayer time. Despite the place not being official, it is very organized and an actual spectacle to behold and wriggle via the crowd for a great vantage point. The participants, enthusiastic and participants, are normally happy and welcoming to be photographed.


Fish, Fruit & Vegetable Markets (Deira)

If planning to visit the Kushti wrestling, it is advisable to have a trip to the nearby markets. The place in Deira enables you to shoot vibrant colors of vegetable and fruit market, detailed shots of day-to-day activities, document the daily life of the traders and get a chance to grab some great portraits in the market. Usually, the people are happy to get photographed.


Ghost Town (RAK)

This is a real gem, off the beaten track. It’s a great place you cannot miss. Try your opportunity for this HDR and landscape photography in the textures as you drape your replicas among the ruins. The best time is sunrise or sunset.


Garhoud Bridge (Dubai)

During sunset, this City casts its neon blue glowing on its surroundings which on the other hand get reflected off the Creek. It is great spot to take night photography, and you can do that from dusk till dawn.


Bastakiya to Al Ghubaiba Bus Station (Dubai)

If you love to have a taste of street photography, this is the place to go. The general bustle and hustle of this area indicate there are often chances for amazing photography whenever you go. There are organized photo walks which include the Creek Side and Bur Dubai. The best time you can visit this location is on Friday mornings or daytimes when the place is quieter.


Al Dhafrah Festival (Abu Dhabi)

This takes place once per annum normally the last week in December, but it's a must to pen in your diary. The festival has numerous special scenes that you need to document photographically.

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