10 Wedding Etiquette Tips a Bride Must Know

10 Wedding Etiquette Tips a Bride Must Know


Your wedding will be the most precious and memorable moment of your life and you would want the guests to remember it that way. Don’t get carried away, consider these 10 Wedding Etiquette Tips as a bride you must know.


Don’t act bossy with your Bridesmaids

We know it is your wedding and you want everything to be perfect but this doesn’t mean you go all bossy with the maid of honor and bridesmaids. They are your best friends, sisters, and future in-laws and they are here for you in your support. Don’t make them run endless errands, expect them to shell out an expensive wedding dress or don’t tell them how to do their hair. It is just rude.


Never announce your wedding on social media

Well, social media is great and fun and is a good way to connect with people. However, before you announce your wedding on social media, make sure that all your family members, relatives, and close friends know about that and are acknowledged with a practical wedding invitation.


Don’t try to be a Superbride

You have to understand that you can’t do everything on your own. Planning a wedding requires a whole lot of things and you can’t do it alone. Don’t waste your energy; there are other individuals who can perform the tasks with perfection. Recommended: call in your trusty sidekicks weeks before your wedding.


Avoid planning a difficult destination wedding

An exotic destination wedding always intrigues us but consider the fact that are your grandparents ready to climb the majestic slope of Austria alps or your friends are willing to take a trip to Hawaii, draining out their bank accounts. If you want a destination wedding, consider all the factors, plan well in advance.


Follow the Wedding timeline diligently

It is essential for you as a bride to follow the wedding timeline as mentioned on the invitation. You can take all the time to get ready but make sure that you complete it before the rituals.


Never forget to thank the guests

The guests you invited traveled from different parts just to attend your wedding and bless you. So it is your duty to acknowledge them for being part your precious day. You must personally thank them for taking their time out for your wedding.


Make your friends feel special

Your friends are committing money and time to be a part of your wedding celebration. So, don’t forget to be a good friend in return. They are helping you out with everything, so as a token of appreciation, you can present them with a gift, depending on your budget.

Pace yourself while drinking cocktails or wine

It is the time for celebration but don't overdo it. Your wedding will turn out to be a hilarious story to tell if you act as a tipsy bride. Drink in limit and maintain the composure because there are your parents and in-laws’ respect at stake.


Don’t go DIY crazy

This is only for those who can do things on their own. For all those daddy’s princesses like you, avoid the DIY idea because you will end up making it worse. Assign tasks to different individuals from your family.


Don’t forget your husband-to-be

Don’t involve with your friends and BFFs too much, it is your wedding and there is a man sitting next to you. Give him importance, introduce him to your friends, don’t make him feel like left out.  


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