17 Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Save For Your Wedding Day

17 Easy Lifestyle Changes You Can Make To Save For Your Wedding Day


Saving for your wedding day, can be reasonably easy, and without too much compromise, but it will require organisation and planning - or creating new habits.  And if you can manage to do this, not only will you enjoy the wedding you desire, but you’ll probably develop a few good habits that will serve you well for the rest of your life.  Helping you to save, and pay for regular holidays away and other wonderful treats and adventures that you may not have otherwise enjoyed.

And when you think about it like that, what would you prefer - a takeaway coffee every morning or a fantastic holiday every year?


Here’s where you can make some savings.


Streamline Your Toiletries and Cosmetics

Stop trying that new random face wash, or the on trend nail colour of the century, avoid spending on these types of goodies.  Instead create a list of the basics that you need and your preferred brands and stick to them, or even bulk buy for a good deal.  


Also, try to half the amount of product that you use where you can (particularly shampoo and conditioner) we often use much more product than we need.  


Don’t switch out your preferred brands for cheaper alternatives though, this usually ends up to be a false economy especially if we hate it, and end up throwing it in the back of a drawer, or giving it away.


Plan Your Meals In Advance

Make time each week to organise and plan your meals. Go a step further and prepare  them in advance. Put them in the fridge or freezer, ready for a quick meal in those moments when you don’t want to cook.


Go Veggie - ish

Consider eating vegetarian, or vegan more often.  


Aside from the positive effects both on animals and your health.  Eating vegetarian and vegan is often cheaper, easy to prepare fast and more suited to preparing in advance without any risk of cross contamination.  


Even if you just switch out a few meals per week you’ll save time and money.


Eat Your Breakfast

Make sure to eat breakfast every day and do so at home.  This avoids any expensive mid- morning brunches at your local cafe, or over indulging the budget at lunch time because you are hungry.  


Prepared Lunches Only

Take a home prepared lunch in to work with you - it will save you pots of money.


Batch Cooking

If you are cooking a meal, make up a larger portion (enough for another meal) and freeze it.  It will save you time and money. And when you can’t be bothered to cook, there’s a delicious home cooked takeaway meal waiting right there in your freezer.  


No More Take Away Coffee Please

Skip the take away coffee.  We don’t need to explain why but it’s an easy thing to let go of, for the sake of a fabulous wedding.  If you like to walk around with your coffee in hand, then either order water in a medium cup at your local coffee take out, or buy one of their plastic recyclable cups and carry it around filled with water.


Free Water Only

Talking of water, now you’ve got your reusable ‘coffee cup’ you won’t need to buy bottled water anymore, just refill from a tap and pretend it’s coffee.  It will save you money and it’s also good for flawless skin on your wedding day too.


Quit The Take Away or Weekly Meals Out

Reduce your takeaways and meals out significantly.  We know this one is tough, but it’ll save you a lot of money and you’ll appreciate that when you want to choose that perfect cake for your wedding (or any other indulgence you may require!).  


Switch Out The Takeaway Pizza For Store Pizza

Takeaway pizza is always so expensive, unless you buy enough to eat for a week and then you might just get a good deal!  Instead try this little trick. Buy a margherita pizza, and then add your own topping at home, along with some extra olive oil.  It’s much tastier than a take out (unless you have a great pizzeria near you), it's also much cheaper and faster than a take out too!


Mind The Midweek Wine

Limit your midweek wine, in fact limit your wine all of the time.  If you can avoid drinking during the week, this will save you plenty.  However, we do realise that this can be hard. If you can’t do that, try to just have one glass mid-week, or skip a week and enjoy your wine every other.  


Don’t Shop When You Are Hungry - Ever

Just don’t do it, eat something at home, even if it’s just a few dried crackers to take the hunger away before you shop.  It’s impossible to make solid food choices, or stick to a healthy diet, or a healthy budget on a hungry stomach. Unless you are not of this world!



If ever there was a time to quit …  Yes it's going to be hard but think of how fresh you will be, how young your skin will remain, and how much money you will save for your wedding.  


Clothes Purchases

When it comes down to it, most of us have enough clothes.  We really do. So we don’t need to buy additional items each week just because we like them.  This notion also applies to accessories, beauty products, shoes and handbags! You’ll probably treat yourself to some fabulous clothes for the honeymoon, which if you choose carefully can be incorporated into your wardrobe afterwards and you’ll have a chance to use some of the items in the back of your wardrobe that have been patiently waiting to be worn.  


Gadgets, Books, Subscriptions & Video Games

All of these items can be reduced to save money.  Nobody ever really uses up their subscriptions properly. Most people buy more than the one or two books they might be actually reading. Games are often bought before finishing one, and gadgets are frequently bought and then abandoned.  


Consider what you do use, such as your Netflix subscription perhaps, and vow to avoid paying out for any other form of video entertainment until the wedding.  Don’t buy any more gadgets, and finish your books before you buy a new one.


Gym Membership

There are many alternatives to a gym, such as a yoga dvd, running club, walking, swimming and even dancing around at home to some music. All of these ideas are free or very cheap to do.  So instead of forking out your monthly membership. Save it and workout at home instead.


Random Impulse Purchases

Just don’t, they add up, and they hurt the wedding fund.  Besides this would be a great habit to instill for the future don’t you think?  To manage this, don’t buy anything immediately, wait a few days and if you still want it by the following week buy it.  


But before you do buy it ask yourself do you want it?  Or do you need it? And if you need it, why? We can’t all have it all, therefore, if you had to choose between a fantastic wedding day, or the item you want right now - even if it is only a small fee, which one would you choose?


Leave Your Cards At Home

Work out your budgets for the week, draw out the cash, and stick to them.  To aid you with this make sure to leave your cards at home. If you need an emergency amount for any reason perhaps keep a small emergency stash (just for emergencies!) or get more organised so that you don’t run into problems.   


And there you have it, plenty of small changes you can make right now, that will add up to solid savings, just in time for your big day.

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