How To Improve Your Nails and Hair In Time For Your Wedding Day

How To Improve Your Nails and Hair In Time For Your Wedding Day


Every bride wants to look their absolute best on their wedding day.  And you may well have that handled perfectly - with a rockstar make-up artist and hairdresser booked and ready to make your beauty shine on your big day.  


But let’s face it, your ‘rockstar’ make-up artist or hairdresser, can only work with the canvas they are presented with.  There is so much that you can do in terms of preparation for your big day that will enhance and perfect that beautiful canvas of yours to make it, well, even closer to perfection than you already are.  


Here’s what you should pay attention to, to reduce the risk of mass breakouts, frizzy hair chaos, or dried up hands and broken nails.  


Skin First

So, a great skincare routine is important. Every beautician, make-up artist and dermatologist will testify to this - there’s something in it.  And if you start your skincare routine early, you’ll be certain to develop great results.


If budget is not a problem, and your skin is not flawless (like most of us), consider taking a trip to a Dermatologist and have them guide you into the perfect skincare solutions for you.  Try to do this as early as possible, to give yourself the maximum amount of time to correct any issues and to see your desired results.


If budget doesn’t allow for a Dermatologist, research any skin problems you do have and see if you can find a solution.  Usually a great cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, combined with a weekly exfoliation and face mask will help. There are also products containing exfoliating acids, that can be used to brighten the skin tone.


If you suffer from hormonal spots, or blackheads, try using a salicylic acid product as part of your skincare regime.  It’s great for exfoliating the skin and reducing inflammation.


Remember to use a good and high SPF, particularly if the sun starts to shine a few weeks before your wedding - you don’t want to have burnt skin, or white sunglasses patches to deal with just before your wedding.  


Avoid trying new products  a few weeks before your wedding too, the last thing you want is any negative reaction to occur.


Consider drinking green tea, its properties are famous for reducing breakouts.  


Don’t risk sunbathing without high SPF just before your wedding (we mean a few weeks before) you won’t appreciate the potential ‘lobster effect’ or peeling skin on your big day!


Drink lots of water - lots.


Use a lip scrub regularly and a vitamin E stick to help with any cracks or creases, don’t forget to protect your lips with sunscreen too.  


Don’t forget to take care of your decollete, since you’ll probably be showing it off.  Treat it in the same way that you treat your facial care. Exfoliate every other day and apply a light moisturiser daily.  



Just the same as taking care of the skin, handling your hair early, so that it’s perfect for your big day is important.  It will take time to adjust any imperfections or repair any damage that you may need to address. So giving yourself as much time as possible will reduce any hair stress right before, or on your wedding day.  


Don’t wash your hair every day.  Washing it everyday strips the natural oils out of the hair and causes excessive dryness that doesn’t have to be there.  If you have greasy hair try using dry shampoo in between washes.

Pay attention to how you untangle your hair, if you have big, curly hair, or long hair prone to tangling, try to use detangling strategies that don’t cause your hair to break. Consider using a tangle teezer, or even your fingers to gently detangle before brushing.  It might not seem too important but it can make a world of difference to your hair on the big day.


Avoid excessive colouring in the build up to your wedding.  So that your hair is in optimum condition. If you do regularly dye your hair seek advice from your hairdresser to find a solution.  Perhaps you can just have your roots coloured, or even leave longer in-between colours.


Rinse your hair with cold water after washing to help close the ends and reduce split ends.  Also try not to wash with water that is too hot - it can cause hair loss!


Deep condition your hair weekly.  Make sure you do it properly, and if you can, leave the conditioner on overnight for maximum effect.  


Calm down with the heat appliances.  We all use them, we all know that they damage the hair - any heat damages the hair.  


But if you want fabulous locks for your big day you are going to need to compromise.  Try using lower heat settings if you must use heat appliances. It will take longer to get ready but you’ll reap the rewards.  Also use heat protection sprays or serums to protect the hair follicle.


Another common hair care strategy, but one that is common for a reason is getting regular haircuts.  It stimulates growth and if you go a little more frequently than you normally do, it will give you much better results in time for your wedding.


Hands & Nails

Nobody wants shrivelled up hands or split nails on their wedding day.  And ok, so the shrivelled up part might be a bit dramatic - but it would make sense to have lovely soft hands and beautiful nails wouldn’t it?


Of course, you’ll need time to get your hands and nails ship shape, in just the way that you need time for your skin and hair preparation.  So starting this earlier rather than later too is well worth the effort.


Moisturise your hands and nails regularly.  Using the normal hand cream throughout the day will definitely make a difference but if you could use sweet almond oil and rub it into your hands, nails and cuticles every night you’ll see a great difference.  If you don’t want to get any oil on your bed linen, sleep in some cotton gloves, which will also prevent you from rubbing too much oil off.


Protect your hands and nails from any chemicals.  So if you have to do housework make sure you wear rubber gloves that are lined with cotton.  To achieve the highest amount of protection possible.


Help your nails to grow by filing regularly, massaging and buffing your nails.  This way you’ll bring a high level of blood supply to your nails which will help them to grow.  All filing, massaging and buffing efforts will do the job perfectly.


Avoid nail polishes, where possible. But if you can’t, be certain to avoid quick dry nail polishes as they contain more damaging chemicals than standard nail polish.  Ensure that there are no splits in your nails if you do decide to paint. Avoiding polishing your nails will also help you to avoid nail polish removers which also have some damaging chemicals in them too. You can always use a nail buffer to polish your nail, which will help the nail to grow and allow you to avoid the need to paint them too frequently.  

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