How To Throw A Fun But Nostalgic Adult Birthday House Party Which Is Perfect For Those Who Love To Take A Photo!

How To Throw A Fun But Nostalgic Adult Birthday House Party Which Is Perfect For Those Who Love To Take A Photo!


Birthday parties aren’t just for kids you know!  You can have some amazing parties at home, with the right company and a few (or more than a few) good friends - and we don’t just mean a barbeque.  But you don’t even have to stop there, with a few creative themes you can take your ‘house party’ to an ‘event’ at home, and it doesn’t even have to break the bank.


A picture party is the perfect example of such a theme, it’s fun, creative, nostalgic and a really wonderful way to express appreciation of somebody.  When you really start to think of a party theme there are many ideas that can be developed - for entertainment, food, gift bags, invites and so on .


The best thing about a picture party is that it can be poignant, loving and hilarious all at the same time, plus it’s a really great theme for involving all of the guests on a much deeper, and more entertaining level  - and what’s not to love about that?


But before you get started, this theme does not come without a warning!  This idea is not so great for somebody who hates the camera .


Of course all photos should relate to your guest of honour, if you have plenty of pictures to work with then you can create a great atmosphere, lots of laughs and plenty of entertainment.  


We suggest …


  • Creating an event wall decorated with images of the guest of honour. It will be the perfect backdrop for posing for new photo’s and will provide a nostalgic and interesting focus point for your guests.  


  • Try to include images of the guest of honour with the party guests wherever you can, and if you can add funny captions it will keep your guests entertained longer.  Which is a perfect distraction while you finish off any food preparation.


  • If you don’t want to stick something to the wall, buy some large pieces of card, stick them together and lean, or just pin that to the wall.  To add captions to the photo’s try using washi tape (available on Etsy or Amazon) it’s easy to peel off and won’t damage anything - and you can write on it too.  


  • Create a treasure hunt, or ‘guess who’ game using photo clues.  For example, hide an image and leave a cryptic clue about the image, and the location of the image, and the guest who finds the most pictures wins a prize.  


  • For guess who, hand somebody a photo of one of the guests (one that they know) and ask them to explain the picture and where it was taken to the rest of the guests.The aim of the game is to figure out who the picture is of, and where it was taken (hopefully inspiring lots of nostalgic or funny stories of the time spent with the guest of honour, whilst creating new memories at the same time).  Just don't forget to snap some pictures of this moment.


  • Enlarge a series of photos of your guest of honour, provide marker pens and ask your guests to get creative, and enhance the images as they please.


  • Ham up the decorations, making them all picture related (too much is never enough in this situation).  Have images of the guest of honour printed, or stuck on balloons, on the cake toppers, on the actual cake, wrap the gifts and add photocopied images of the guest of honour to the wrapping.  Ask your guests to do the same when wrapping their gifts (and to write their memory of the photo they have chosen on the packaging).


  • Place photocopies of different photos on placemats and stick them on the outside of glasses, using washi tape.


  • Place a polaroid camera near to the event wall. Get your guests to take funny pictures, and place them in a guest book along with a caption.  


  • If you are married, leave the wedding photo album out to be viewed by your guests. Or create any other type of album that might be interesting to your guests (make sure that you only bring this out early on and hide away if the party becomes lively - to avoid damage).


  • Encourage your guest of honour to creatively pose for a photo with each guest at the party, and then after the party has ended send thank you cards with a copy of the image attached.   


  • Pick out an image of your guest of honour and have it turned into a mask, then ask all of your guests to dress up like the guest of honour, wear the mask and mimic their body language and voice.  And to warm the party up, the guest of honour has to try to guess who is behind the mask.


  • Play around with themes, try using filters on your images to create a vintage appeal, or create time ‘zones’ in you home and include images of the guest of honour from certain era’s.  Add decor that the guest of honour can relate to, or was known for loving at that time. Or create a chic black and white image theme.


  • Include the guest of honours favourite food, served on plates that have images of that person eating it.  


  • Ask your guests to spend as much of the evening trying to be like the guest of honour, dancing like them, eating like them, talking like them - the one who lasts the longest wins.  


  • Create a party bag which includes photos of the guest of honour.  You can print images and stick them onto the bags, rewrap chocolate with an image. Try to recall, or encourage the guest of honour to say something about each individual guest and include a quote in the bag (make sure it’s a good one, or funny, not one that might be offensive).  Make a mini photo album containing images of the guest of honour, add a spare balloon, even a soap, re-wrapped in paper printed with photos of the guest of honour.


  • Add some helium to the balloons (with images of the guest of honour) and release them during the party, so that random people can potentially find the balloon with the random image on it.  


  • Create an Instagram hashtag and encourage everybody to post images of the party, or guest of honour to their instagram - make sure you have a sign telling them what hashtag to use.  

As you can see, with one theme, and a lot of photos, and photo props there are so many things that you can do to create a nostalgic, hilarious, fun filled birthday party at home that is anything but boring.  


It will create a party that is so different, that it will go down in history - and you’ll have lots of photographic memories of the event for the future.  

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