14 Strange But True Beauty Therapies That You Can Enjoy Today - If You Dare!

14 Strange But True Beauty Therapies That You Can Enjoy Today - If You Dare!


Just when you think you’ve heard it all, another weird and wonderful beauty therapy makes its way to the market.  Whether that’s bathing in bird poo, having your own blood re-injected into your face, or plastering your body with gold and diamonds, you can have it all.  Now, we admit that some of these treatments are not at new as they first seem, since some are ancient traditions but they most certainly all rank as bizarre!


Here, in no particular order of preference are our top picks for the most bizarre or curious spa treatments available all over the world, and in some cases right here in Dubai too!  


Sheep Placenta Treatment

Apparently this treatment is great for plumping up the fine wrinkled up skin on your decolletage and on your hands.   We are sure that you’ve already figured, this bizarre treatment comes straight from LA where, yes you’ve guessed it, celebs such as the Kardashians have been one of the first to try it out.  It simply involves injecting the sheep's placenta into your face and is said to be as good, if not better than botox.


Snake Massage Treatment

Originating from Israel, this is a treatment that is supposed to be calming, even though it’s frequently described as being a ‘scary massage’.


Giant snakes (more than one!) that weigh over 500 pounds each are placed onto the body and well, allowed to slither around.  Eek! It’s the slithering that deeply massages the body.


But you don’t have to worry, the snakes mouths are taped during treatment and if you are fortunate to enjoy this treatment in the Philippines you really don’t have to worry at all because they make sure that their slippy friends are fed ten chickens before a treatment to avoid any disasters!  


Bull Semen Hair Conditioner

Yep!  This is a real thing.  Not sure that we’d want it in our hair but, well if that’s your thing, who are we to object.  It’s refrigerated before use, so that it doesn’t smell. And people love it because it’s great for a blow dry … apparently.  


Bathing In Beer

Ok, so this might be more enticing than sheep placenta, bull semen and 500 pound snakes but is bathing in beer as good as bathing in a beautifully scented bath of bubbles?  Bernard Beer Spa in Prague seems to think so. They claim that their unpasteurized, and uniquely bitter beer leaves the skin soft, and you refreshed in more ways than one. You get to enjoy beer on tap while you bathe, and if you want to take the experience further, you can enjoy a beer massage too.  


Bird Dropping Facials

Originating from Japan and said to be popular amongst Geisha’s.  Bird dropping facials are here for your beauty pleasure. Droppings that have been dried under UV lights and then mixed with rice bran and water form this delicacy, and are best applied as a face mask.  


The outcome?  Well ... fresh and glowing skin of course.  


Skin Cream From Snail Mucus

Snail mucus, is said to be extremely anti-ageing, and wonderful for relieving skin conditions. It also improves dull complexions.  


The serum is used in a variety of skincare products.  But you can also enjoy snail serum therapy if you don’t mind having a snail, or five crawling all over your face.


Costs for such treatment varies, from 100 - 700 AED and no snails are harmed in the process.  Of course if you are on a budget you could lie down in your garden, and place a few snails on your face for the same effect!  


Salt Cave Therapy

So this treatment is not so bizarre, and it does seem to have something about it that makes sense.  Salt caves are well known for their ability to help relieve allergies, asthma, lung and skin conditions and for reducing blood pressure.  It was first noticed as a useful therapy in Russia a couple of centuries ago, when a Dr noticed that salt miners had reduced lung and respiratory problems.  Salt Cave Therapy is becoming widely available in many countries, including right here in Dubai, and we have to say this one seems quite appealing.


Hay Bath Treatment

How about trying a hay bath treatment?  Apparently the straw, (when heated to 40 degrees celsius) is revitalising and detoxifying.  It’s a tradition that has existed in Italy for over a century.

Now, the thing is, you are not exactly lying in, or amongst the hay.  No. The hay is heated with water and then wrapped tightly around your body.  Like a hay straight-jacket, or cocoon.


Maybe this tradition is really all about sweat therapy, and if that’s the case, then perhaps there are more modern materials that one might enjoy being swaddled in.  Such as soft cotton or something.


Bee Venom Mask

Staying on the farm theme (assuming you keep bees on your imaginary farm) there is a facial mask treatment available that contains the venom of bees.


It’s known for its  lifting, tightening and firming properties and it’s said to be (scuse the pun) a natural alternative to botox.  


It’s just unfortunate that bee’s are precious and they have to die for us to have their venom! Just make sure that you are not allergic to bee stings if you are tempted by the venom.   


Chocolate Massage

Need to enhance your mood?  Well, why not partake in a chocolate massage.  We’re reserving the right to question whether this is a little bit too gimmicky (wouldn't a beautiful scented and non sticky massage oil do the trick?) but nonetheless bathing in chocolate is a real thing.  It’s just that for some reason all we can picture is a modern day Cleopatra.


If you are a chocoholic and you don’t mind just smelling and not eating the chocolate this might be right up your street.  


Vampire Facial

If you don’t go cold at the sight of blood, you might enjoy a vampire facial, where you are quite literally your own blood platelets are injected all over your face.  The platelets are said to promote healing by tricking the body into thinking there has been an injury.


Now in the interest of transparency please allow us to share a little secret with you  …


This therapy is by no means relaxing.  It’s stingy, and painful, and has been a little bit hit and miss.  With many people who have tried it claiming they wouldn’t do it again.  


Fire Cupping

Yes it might seem as though we are stepping into the twilight zone now, after all, who wants to put cups of fire on themselves? It could only be the Chinese.  Apparently the Chinese quite like this ancient form of therapy that’s said to release toxins, and increase blood flow. A therapist places a cup filled with fire on your back (yikes!), the fire depletes the oxygen and creates a vacuum that sucks out the toxins, et voila!  Everything is perfect in the world again.


Were just not sure how perfect your skin will be after such a treatment.


If like us, you are feeling far from relaxed after reading all about this bunch of ‘exhilarating’ ‘treats’ then please allow us to present our final crazy beauty treatment, which might seem a touch tamer, at least on the body.  


We’re just not sure how tame it will be on the wallet!  


24 Carat Gold Facial

See, what’s not to love about this one?  Apart from the price.


A gold facial is said to improve skin tone, texture, to reduce ageing, and redness and is supposed to be very hydrating.   Since the gold is said to be rich in antioxidants and contains anti-inflammatory properties, and that the skin is the largest organ in the body, we can appreciate that the qualities of the gold could indeed be absorbed into the skin, making us radiant - literally!  


You’ll need more than one session, of course, and at 2,500 AED, you can expect to put quite a hole in your pocket as a result.  

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