5 Ways to give your Child an unforgettable Party!

5 ways to make give your Child an Unforgettable party!

People carry the memories from their childhood birthdays and the entertainment for many years to come. If you are a parent and want to create a great party for the kids, there are so many different ways to go. It doesn’t have to be an expensive thing to do either. Kids enjoy being involved in any activity they are presented with, so you can find different ways to do that. If it is a big party, being involved will also keep them in one spot and there will be less chaos. Of course, you should always find someone to help you with the party if there are many children. But you can find something nice for the parents entertainment as well.

Fancy dress party

Children love dressing up so depending on how old they are you can create a fancy dress party based on a certain theme. For example, children could come dressed up as their favourite superheroes or story book characters. There can be a themed cake and snacks that correspond with it as well. If you are organising a party for your children, sit down and have a chat with them to find out what they would like.

Storytime theme

Another thing that is better suited for younger children could be a stuffed animal theme. Encourage children to take some stuffed animals from home and find some in a charity shop nearby. It will not be expensive, but the kids can talk about their favourite toys and share stories about their names and origins. You can encourage parents to find toys their children don’t use and everybody can donate them to charity. It will involve kids and you can talk to them about serious things as well. It will be a memory they cherish and take with them.

Make some chocolate

Children love treats and sweet things. If they are around middle-school age, a chocolate making party could be a way to go. All you need is some chocolate and silicone moulds. Children can pour the melted chocolate in the moulds and enjoy some snacks and party games while their treats set. Then you can also package them to take home or gift to someone creating a little workshop. It will not be a very expensive party but kids will love it.

All for scavenger hunt

The older the kids are, the harder it is to find fun things for them to do at parties. However, no matter what age they are, most kids love scavenger hunts. A simple scavenger hunt is easy to set up and it can take place in the back yard. Or you can set up a larger scavenger hunt around the neighbourhood.

Painting and decorating

Arts and crafts would more appeal to girls. However, you can set up a little wood shop for everybody. Simple finger food and party drinks would go well with the theme of creating and decorating. You can set up simple, cheap flower pots to be painted or make bird houses. It will allow children of all ages to express their creativity and have a great time together at the party. It is entertainment that is almost a self-contained unit.

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