5 Crazy thing to try at YOUR next event!

5 Crazy things to try at YOUR next event

When you are having an event, you are looking for ways to make it memorable. Who says that you have to stick to traditional ideas? Mix things up with some crazy activities! It will be more fun than a traditional event, and it will have your guests reminiscing about it well into the future! Keep reading for some idea about crazy things to do at your next event, and get ready to throw the party of the century.

Serve Carnival Food

Scrap the idea of a traditional sit-down dinner or even a buffet. It will be more fun to serve carnival food! Burgers, corn dogs, snow cones, popcorn, and even cotton candy are great choices. Your guests will have fun indulging in the carnival classics, and it will make everyone feel like a kid again.

Get a Celebrity Impersonator to Perform

Imagine how much more fun your guests will have if they are treated to a mini concert from one of everyone's favorite celebrities! Hire an impersonator, and best of all, keep it a secret until they arrive. As soon as the "famous" person hits the dance floor, your guests will really let loose and have the time of their lives.

Have a Caricature Artist

As the night goes on and your guests are enjoying the event, things always tend to get a little silly. Keep the fun going with a caricature artist! Your guests will be treated to a keepsake of your party so that they can truly capture the fun they were having and remember it forever. It will be something that your family and friends will fondly smile about for years.

Have a "Price is Right" Wheel

All of your guests will be standing in line to give the wheel a spin, especially when they categories they can land on are things such as:

* Give your date a kiss.

* Grab someone you don't know and head for the dance floor.

* Pick a couple to kiss.

And add any other fun idea that you can think of! It will provide hours of endless laughter as everyone "comes on down" to see what they will land on when they give the wheel a spin!

Get a Bounce House

This is another way to have all of your friends really have a chance to channel their inner child! Rather than the typical dinner, mingling, and dancing, spice things up with a bounce house. Your guests will have loads of fun bouncing the night away. An added bonus? It will make for some great pictures! Take as many pictures as possible of your friends having the time of their lives bouncing away! You'll really want to remember it forever.


No one wants to attend a boring or stuffy party. No event truly has to be completely formal. Break the rules of formality by adding some fun touches for your guests to enjoy. No one will want the party to end!

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