10 Date Night Ideas for every couple to try in the Valentine Month

10 Date Night Ideas for every couple to try in the Valentine Month

The Valentine month is about to kick start in a couple of days and I guess you haven’t planned a single day of what you and your partner are going to do. For starters, forget expensive dinners out and lavish gifts, it will look good for a while but the magic will eventually fade away. Moreover, you also don’t want to be caught up with Netflix and takeout dinner.


So, what is it that you can do to make the Valentine month memorable for you and your partner? It doesn’t matter whether you just started dating or you and your partner are together for some years now. Little things you do will make your relationship grow and prosper.


Check out the 10 best date night ideas for every couple to try in the Valentine Month.


  • Go Dancing:

Not at the club but someplace that offers real dancing like salsa, hustle, rumba, waltz and more. Go to someplace that will make you and your partner groove to the tunes, someplace where you could feel the togetherness.


  • Cook Together:

Scroll through the internet, find the best valentines’ day dessert recipe you like and start baking. This is the fun and the effective way to make your chemistry with your partner more romantic and sometimes, sexual.

  • Go for a Couples Massage Therapy:

Nothing is more relaxing than engaging in a couples massage. This is the time where you and your partner can relax together and by the time you get home, you will be filled with energy and ready for some late night fun.


  • Get Cultural:

Go to an art gallery or a museum. This might help you spark interesting conversations with each other- a better way to know each other.


  • Play Tourist for One Day:

Go out and explore the city. Take public transportation if possible and try out the street food your city has to offer. This will be the perfect bonding time for you and your partner.  


  • Go for a Hike:

Walk or hike a long stroll together to someplace scenic and beautiful in your area. Pack some food, cut off the internet and explore the beauty nature has to offer, it is nothing but romantic.


  • Shop, Shop, and Shop:

Purchase clothes, ornaments or anything your partner likes. Don’t make it a surprise, go to the shop together, and help your partner try out some new clothes.

  • Go Wine Tasting:

There are so many outlets that offer free or inexpensive wine tasting events. Try out one and let your taste buds make the decision.


  • Bonfire:

Get all cozy by lighting a bonfire. Play some music, pour a glass or two of wine, slide inside a blanket and snuggle under the stars.


  • Romance your Partner:

Romance your partner with things he/she likes like cook their favorite dinner, hide a love note wherever you can, play the songs he/she likes and more.


So, what are your plans for valentine’s day? This little guide might help you in achieving your goals for the valentine month.    



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