12 Types Of Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them

12 Types Of Questions To Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them


Your wedding photographs, along with your wedding video, are all that you’ll have to show off your big day in years to come.  So it’s really important to make sure that your photographer is up to the task, and is somebody that you can feel comfortable working with at your wedding.  


Choosing your wedding vendors in particular, your photographer is not something you should do lightly, or make compromises on. If you don’t feel comfortable at any time, you haven’t found the right person and need to keep looking.  


Don’t settle for somebody who sets off a nagging doubt, or an alarm bell ringing.  Otherwise, you won’t feel comfortable striking a pose in front of them. And if you won’t feel comfortable, chances are that your bridal party won’t either.  If nobody is comfortable with your photographer, your photographs are not going to as good as they could have been.


The best way to find the perfect photographer is to interview them before you make any formal commitments and we don’t mean just reviewing the portfolio, but really finding out how they work, so that you can be certain that you are a good fit for each other.  The best way to do this is either to meet them in person, call them or even hold a video call with them.


Before you start the interview process, research and make a list of a few photographers that you like and call them in order of preference.  That way if you have to let one go, you are not left with nobody else to contact.


Here are some of the questions that we recommend, all of which will help you to easily decide if this photographer is the one for you.  


1) Check to see if your wedding date is available.

A process of elimination - if the date isn’t available then you need to thank them for their time and move onto your next choice.


2) Is the photographer you are speaking with going to be the person shooting at the wedding?  

If it’s not going to be, ask if you can meet with the person shooting so that you can have the opportunity to see if you can connect with them.


3) Find out how many other weddings they are photographing that weekend.  

You don’t want to feel rushed at your wedding and want to enjoy the moment.  A photographer has to earn a living, and so may need to complete more than one wedding per day.  If you know what is going to happen beforehand, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to pay more for a photographer to take their time, or less for a more swift operation.  


4) Will The Photographer Bring An Assistant

For larger weddings, an assistant photographer may be important - to capture the wedding day more accurately.  Not all photographers have an assistant (which means you’ll need to question whether they are right for your wedding if it’s a large one).  Some might offer an assistant as an extra - at an extra cost. And others may always bring an assistant as part of the package.


Consider the size of your event before booking.  Are you happy that one photographer can capture it well alone, or do you need a photographers assistant there too?


5) Find out if the photographer shoots other similar weddings in terms of size and style to yours.

This is how you can tell what experience they have, or how they will approach such a wedding.   


6) Ask to see the full photos of a few of the photographers recent, similar weddings.

This will give you an opportunity to see the majority of shots that are taken in different locations and light, and throughout the day.  Of course there will be some shots that are better than others - that’s always to be expected - but you’ll get an idea about their style and if you  like their it. And if you would be happy with the amount of photographs taken on average.


This question will also show whether the photographer can take consistently great shots throughout the day in different lights.  If the outside photos are great but they can’t take a great shot in dim light, such as at the reception or in the church you may not end up with the photographs you desire.  Checking the full photos or the full ‘gallery’ will avoid this problem.


A portfolio will not contain the full gallery of a single wedding. Any photographer worth their salt will have all of their very best work in their portfolio.  Ideally you want to see the good, and the bad so that you can get a clear idea of what you can expect from your photographer.


7) Find out whether your photographer has ever shot a wedding at your ceremony and reception venues.  

If they haven’t, find out if they plan  to check the venues out in advance?


This question poses two school of thoughts; some say that it’s important for your photographer to visit the venue ahead of time so that they can understand the lighting, backdrops and any limitations that may be posed.  Some photographers say that they work more naturally if they are surprised by the light.


If you have a photographer who doesn’t visit the venue beforehand, ask for the full photos that you have asked to view to be of new locations to them, so that you can see how their photos turn out.  


8) Find out what the photographer considers his or her style to be.

This will help you to see whether you like their style, and also if they can incorporate a style that you like too.


9) Find out what their working style is.

Find out whether the photographer preferes to blend into the background, capturing those true and unique fly on the wall moments.  Or do they like to organise the crowd into poses for certain images.


You may want somebody to do both options, maybe you don’t want a stealthy photographer, or vice versa.  This decision will depend upon your own personal choices entirely.


10) What is included in your prices and packages and are the packages customisable?

Find out what extras are included in the more expensive packages, and work backwards. If you like just one thing from an expensive package, find out if you can add it on to your preferred package, instead of purchasing the most expensive packages just to obtain that element


11) More questions about prices and packages.  

  • Find out if the photographer includes, or can include engagement photos, pre and post-wedding events.  How many hours each package includes, and also how much the extra hours cost. Just in case you want to include your photographer in any additional pre or post wedding events.


  • Do they offer retouching and other corrective services, and are they extra or included?


  • Is there a travel fee (these types of questions should be reserved if the photographer is ticking all of your boxes so far) it’s probably more productive for both parties if you don’t go into as much detail if you are not sure about the photographer.  


  • Find out what type of albums are offered.  Whether you can order prints directly from the photographer.  If the photographer offers assistance with choosing images and designing the album - and if they do is this included in the fee’s or charged extra.  


  • Find out what is included in your packages in terms of albums or prints, such as how many pages, and how many prints.


  • Make sure that you will have rights to the images, and also find out when and how they will be delivered and what the turnaround time is.

And The final question …


12) Find out if there are other extras that you haven't considered which would be applicable, or that we might like to consider.

This question is great because it makes sure that you won’t have any hidden surprises.  It will also ensure that you don’t miss out on anything because you didn't ask for it.

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