23 Hair and Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

23 Hair and Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know


Hair and make up doesn’t always have to be hard, or complicated, and it doesn’t always need to be expensive either.  So if you are heading out to a fabulous event this weekend. Or have one coming up, here’s a collection of some of the best beauty hacks around.  




Create Your Own Frizz Taming Serum: Simply mix a small amount of conditioner with some hairspray until you reach the consistency of serum and you’ve got a frizz solution at half the cost!

Tame Your Mousse: Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with your mousse, which will take out the air and in doing so, you are left with a liquid which is easier to use in some situations than mousse.  Now you have two products for the price of one.


DIY Glitter Liner: Mix loose glitter and eyelash glue together and voila!  You have your very own glitter eyeliner. Stock up different colour glitters and you have a complete palette of options.




Reduce The Red Eye

To reduce any red in the whites of your eyes, use eye drops, they will instantly brighten up your eyes.  But make sure that you only use it as long as recommended, to avoid infection.


Eye drops contain ingredients that constrict the blood vessels which is how they work instantly.  


You can use this same principle (using eye drops) to reduce the redness in spots and pimples on the skin


Grow Your Brows And Lashes

Castor oil, is a surprising product that can nourish hair and even regenerate growth that has been stunted somehow (by over tweezing perhaps?!).  To get great results apply a few drops to you brows and lashes at night,(after cleansing) using a cotton bud. Then you simply wait for the magic.  


Seal In Moisture

Spritz flower water on your skin after moisturising, and before priming to lock in the moisture.  Rose water is a great product to consider.




Easy Nude Makeup

For a simple nude makeup look for the daytime choose matte lipstick that matches the natural colour of your lips.  Add a glossy lipstick in the same colour for night time. For your eyes, simply tint your eyelashes with a little bit of liquid eyeliner, using sweeping motions and tint the whole lash.


Perfectly Easy Cat Eyes

If you don’t find cat eyes easy, try this trick:  Mark the ends of your cat eyes with a dot, this way you can check that they are symmetrical and easily draw a line straight to them from the lash line.  


Simple Smokey Eyes

Fed up of your smokey eye looking more like a black eye?  Instead, line your eyes with a pencil liner, then using your fingertips smudge the liner. Don’t worry about being messy.  Next, tidy up the line using a cotton bud dipped in moisturiser, and then just add salve all over the eye to create a sheen and you have the perfect smokey eye.


Avoid Dodgy Roots

If your eyebrow colour is darker than your roots, you are going to look …. Strange!  So if you are blonde pay attention to the colour you choose for your eyebrows. Ideally try to make the colour of your brows the same as the colour of your roots.  


Anti - Aging In An Instant

Use a pencil liner the colour of your darkest pigment, or just one or two shades darker (the colour that you go when you are tanned) and apply a few fake freckles.  You’ll take ten years away instantly.


Brighten Up Your Skin

Use peach and apricot toned primers to brighten up dull, tired or sallow skin.  Once you try, you’ll never go back!


Apply Your Makeup Backwards

Apply your bronzer, blusher and highlighter underneath your foundation.  It sounds strange but it will create a wonderful dewy diffused look. Just make sure that your foundation is light.  


Make A Beauty Blender Your Best Friend

Beauty blenders allow you to easily apply foundation to every contour of your face.  Use it damp to apply the foundation flawlessly. But just make sure that you frequently wash or sterilize your blender because stale water is a magnet for bacteria.  


The Easiest Way To Apply Eyebrow Colour

To make your brows natural, use thin hairlike strokes, drawn in the same direction as your natural hair grows.  Use a thin angled brush, or a sharp bow pencil. Set with texturising gel, to create a fuller look. Combine that with the castor oil, and colour to match your  roots and your brows will be right on their ‘A’ game.


Extend The Wear Of Your Makeup

Set your primer with powder before applying foundation.  It might be a strange way to do things, but it really works.  It’s as though it provides something for the foundation to grip to - to stop the foundation from sliding around.  


Just dust lightweight translucent powder on top of the primer and then apply your foundation.  But remember to be moderate with your powder - nobody likes the cakey look.


The same technique works for lipstick too - apply the first coat, blot, powder and then apply the second coat, and your lipstick will last much longer.  


The Best Way To Apply Foundation

To apply your foundation perfectly, start at the centre of your face and blend outward.  This approach ensures that you won’t end up with lines of foundation at your jawline and that just enough foundation is applied to suit your makeup look (which will also save you some product too!).



Texturise Your Fringe (Bangs)

If you have a fringe (or bangs) take small sections of your fringe, spray on some texture spray, or volume spray and scrunch them whilst you blow dry them.  You will be left with some great texture.


Create A Straight Parting Fast

Take a thin comb, decide where on your forehead that you’d like the parting to start and then quickly pull the comb straight to your crown.  It’s the speed of the action that creates a perfectly straight parting every time.


Control The Curls

To create softer curls, or waves take a flat iron to your curls.  Pick out a curl and gently rock the flat iron backward and forward so that it expands slightly and the curve should loosen.  It might take a little bit of practice, but it will easily control your curls and tame the frizz.


Switch Up The Curls

Change the way that you hold your curling wand to achieve different results.  Hold it vertically and you’ll get tighter, defined curls. Holding your curling iron horizontally will create loose, flowy curls.  


Disguising Your Clip In Extensions

Clip-In hair extensions have a glossy sheen to them, that often doesn’t fit in with natural hair.  Spray your extensions with dry shampoo before applying them and they’ll look as natural as your normal hair.  


Test Your Look

Before you head out the door, check to see what your makeup will look like in different lights.  Stand by the window in daylight if you are heading out in the day. Or use the light from your phone to check out what it will look like in different lighting.  

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