17 Fun Team Building Event Ideas That Guarantee To Bring Out The Best In Your Team

17 Fun Team Building Event Ideas That Guarantee To Bring Out The Best In Your Team


We’ve heard the word bandied around that team building events work wonders for business.  Many of us may have experienced the odd team building event, some might even have been filled with dread at the prospect of being assessed on your coping strategies as you work through a puzzle or jump a zip wire.  


Maybe you are wondering what damage such events might do to your career, or even dread being pumped with corporate programming under the guise of a ‘team building event’.  Others may have experienced a one time fabulous event that was the talk of the year, and created much buzz only to never be repeated again.


Whatever your take is on team building there are many reasons why it has worked out that way.  But most of the reasons will be caused by mistakes in understanding about what team building events are, and should be.


Here’s what a team building event should be;


A regularly occurring, non business related event that inspires fun, motivation, team bonding, communication and teamwork.  


An event that brings your team closer together, improves moral, and expresses appreciation which, by default increases profit, creativity, problem solving skills and productivity.  An even that makes your business a wonderful place to work, and that reduces staff turnover by default. It breaks up a year, creates great traditions and culture for your business, and helps your employees to get to know each other well.  


A team building event is a win win situation that almost always pays for itself when it’s created with the right intentions.  


Here are some of our favourite fun ideas to include in your next team building event:




Segway Experiences - If you want a lot of laughs, hire some segways and enjoy the fun.  Add in lunch somewhere, and an evening out afterwards and you’ve got some happy and motivated staff.  Just remember to hire the segways somewhere where there is no risk of damage to members of the public.  


Horse Riding - The great thing about horse riding is that its suitable for all levels, and you really have to work on your self discipline to relate to the horse.  Making this a great corporate event. And we haven't started talking about the thrill of being outdoors, the sense of achievement that inexperienced riders will overcome, and the joy of being around animals and your work colleagues at the same time.  


Sheep Herding - Another fun and challenging experience with animals. Turn it into a light hearted competition with a prize at the end followed by lunch together, and this is an experience that will be talked about for years to come.  


Fruit Picking - An unusual idea for a corporate event but a fun one nonetheless. Combine it with strawberry wine tasting, or a cooking session using the fruit, and then follow with a sit down meal to enjoy the food created. This will make a wonderful experience for everybody involved.  


Zorbing - Another fun, adrenaline packed day out that will delight your team. Consider combining this activity with another event such as segway experiences too, and add in a couple of organised walks for those who don’t enjoy adrenaline packed adventures.  


A Building Project - This could be arranged in two ways. A controlled event whereby your team work together to build a project (in a controlled environment) such as a lego project, or building a canoe together.  But it can also be a consistent, long term committed project, or even a community project where members of your team build something for your local community, or corporate charity. Either way there will be some great memories built at the same time.


Day out on a barge - Have your team plan and prepare a picnic together, and get out on a barge for the day.  It will be wonderfully de-stressing. Plan for a game of rounders, or other outdoor games (that can include everybody) and enjoy chilling out with your team.  


Murder Mystery -  Book, or create a murder mystery. If there is nobody who runs these events locally, consider hiring actors, and a scriptwriter, and create your own murder mystery event.  Sure, this event might work out to be higher budget but it will be fun organising it too!



Kite Flying - Take advantage of  Kite Beach and get out there to learn the art of kite flying.  Set the morning aside for learning and practice, and then the afternoon for competition.  Just make sure you have a backup plan just incase the wind is low on your chosen day.


Desert Games - Head out to the desert and spend the day enjoying your beautiful, natural surroundings. Hire quad bikes, 4x4’s, take camel rides, have a bbq and then set the evening off with some belly dancing.  Or even enjoy a desert safari.


Make a movie - Write, direct and create your own team movie, and then grab the popcorn and sit down to watch the entertainment.  Have everybody involved in the movie, or turn it into a competition, where two teams create two different movies on the same theme.  Make it a bigger deal by creating a red carpet event when the time comes to view the movie.


Escape Games - Escape games are great for developing critical thinking, and teamwork. They are great for absorbing the mind of your team too.  The perfect recipe for a great team event. Talking of recipes ...


Cookery Class - Why not have your team cook dinner.  Book a cookery class and cook dinner together.  You could try taking lessons in different cuisines, and could even create a company cookbook for the members of your team who didn’t attend class.  Creating a new cook book each year would really add some magic to your company culture.


Themed Corporate Events - Add an extra sense of fun to your event by creating a theme.  Which includes the need for your staff to dress up, and act in accordance with the theme.  Ideas could be cowboys, farmers, dinosaurs, a movie. Or you could do a personality swap theme - partner up your team and have them dress up as each other.  


Tobogganing - Head over to Ski Dubai and take part in some indoor snow sports.  Create a mini olympics, with a bronze, silver and gold prize.


Don’t forget to snap photos and have the photo’s of the winners of that years olympics proudly displayed on the staff noticeboard.  You could even create t-shirts with the faces of the winners on, and give them out to the rest of the company.


On dress down Friday - everybody gets to wear their faces!  A great way to inspire fun throughout the year, and to create a fun corporate tradition that can be enjoyed each year.  


Day At The Beach - Take the team off for a day at the beach, make sure there is plenty of sports, sun tan lotion, a bbq, or book a restaurant for lunch and just enjoy a fun day enjoying the Dubai sun.


Treasure Hunt - Create a treasure hunt either by leaving clues and prizes all over Dubai (it needs to be challenging) split into two teams and race to the prize.  Create a celebration meal afterwards.


Alternatively, give both teams a budget, and challenge your team to create something, using the budget to buy the props and materials that they need to complete the project - make sure to keep the clock ticking too though.  

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